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Symfony Making the Move to Doctrine

Well, as posted yesterday on the symfony blog Doctrine will now be the defacto standard for symfony’s ORM. To be honest, I’m not surprised at all with this move – it makes sense seeing that the Doctrine team are on board at Sensio. Sensio Labs was looking for something that fit with their overall strategy from what I’ve read on the forums and on the blog, so by hiring the Doctrine team they can now help shape the ORM to work well with the rest of the framework.

Not to worry Propel fans – Propel is still able to be used, it’ll just take a bit more configuring on the developer’s part. The thing I’m concerned about is what’s going to happen with all those plugins that are Propel only? I have a feeling that Propel will eventually be phased out a little at a time as Doctrine begins to overtake it’s capabilities.

Looks like I’ll be hitting the books again….

Sensio Labs has also gone in the book publishing business by the way, with the standard books that were already available from Lulu.com now for sale at other book sites (Amazon.com) and the new Doctrine documentation both on the doctrine site and available in dead tree format.

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