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Propel Fans Rejoice!

So recently I posted about how symfony has made the move to officially support Doctrine as the default ORM in future releases of my favorite PHP framework.  A lot of questions were raised, mainly because even though Propel is still going to be supported by symfony, it looked like Propel was dead in the water with not much active development taking place.

Interestingly enough, when I happened to look on the Propel website, I noticed a Propel version 1.4 and that got me wondering.  After some hunting, it turns out a blast from symfony’s past is now heading the development of the project.  That’s right folks, Francois Zaninotto is now working on revamping Propel (see here (groups.google.com) for more details).

I’m glad to see that a good ORM is getting someone with a lot of good ideas leading the forefront.  I’m very interested in seeing what will be coming out of the gate with the revamped version 2.0.

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    /bow to Francois!!!


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