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Book Review: Pentaho Kettle Solutions

Pentaho Kettle Solutions picks up where Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration: Beginner’s Guide leaves off. For ETL developers who want to have an in-depth reference to many of the more advanced features of one the leading open source data integration packages, then this is the book to read. The book focuses on the 34 ETL subsystems developed by Dr. Ralph Kimball and the other members of the Kimball Group (Kimball Group). As each subsystem is reviewed, the features that pertain to that subsystem are described providing best practices in developing ETL code. Kettle Solutions goes beyond the 34 subsystems by also showing how to extend Kettle via the robust plugin system.

Of particular interest is the advanced topics section, which includes a chapter on the Data Vault data warehouse methodology.

In the end, Pentaho Kettle Solutions continues the series of much needed reference material on the suite of Pentaho tools.

Here’s the table of contents (Wiley):


Part I Getting Started.

Chapter 1 ETL Primer.

Chapter 2 Kettle Concepts.

Chapter 3 Installation and Configuration.

Chapter 4 An Example ETL Solution—Sakila.

Part II ETL.

Chapter 5 ETL Subsystems.

Chapter 6 Data Extraction.

Chapter 7 Cleansing and Conforming.

Chapter 8 Handling Dimension Tables.

Chapter 9 Loading Fact Tables.

Chapter 10 Working with OLAP Data.

Part III Management and Deployment.

Chapter 11 ETL Development Lifecycle.

Chapter 12 Scheduling and Monitoring.

Chapter 13 Versioning and Migration.

Chapter 14 Lineage and Auditing.

Part IV Performance and Scalability.

Chapter 15 Performance Tuning.

Chapter 16 Parallelization, Clustering, and Partitioning.

Chapter 17 Dynamic Clustering in the Cloud.

Chapter 18 Real-Time Data Integration.

Part V Advanced Topics.

Chapter 19 Data Vault Management.

Chapter 20 Handling Complex Data Formats.

Chapter 21 Web Services.

Chapter 22 Kettle Integration.

Chapter 23 Extending Kettle.

Appendix A The Kettle Ecosystem.

Appendix B Kettle Enterprise Edition Features.

Appendix C Built-in Variables and Properties Reference.


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