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Moving Beyond “Business” In Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence. It’s spawned an entire industry focusing in on the benefits of improving companies’ performance through the analysis of data. Last Thursday I presented to the local Linux Users Group about open source BI and found something very interesting. BI has become a misnomer – it’s no longer just about business. In reality BI has been steadily evolving into Data Intelligence, a term that far better reflects what BI professionals really try to do. Getting the data to tell it’s story is the fun challenge we have been given. Yes, it is true that many of the developments originated as a direct result of needing to improve business organizations. Let’s stop though and take a couple of steps back. Scientists are now starting to apply BI techniques within their research in various fields like Meteorology, Genomics & other assorted healthcare, etc. We’re on the verge of a much larger data revolution. Just thinking about being able to tie such assorted data and obtain even better understanding on how they interrelate is something that would have not been comprehensible even a few years ago.

Anyway, I’ll probably write more about this, but I wanted to get the thought out there and see what other people are thinking…

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