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Book Review: Pentaho Kettle Solutions

Posted April 28, 2011 By Alex

Pentaho Kettle Solutions picks up where Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration: Beginner’s Guide leaves off. For ETL developers who want to have an in-depth reference to many of the more advanced features of one the leading open source data integration packages, then this is the book to read. The book focuses on the 34 ETL subsystems […]

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Saiku Analytics Pentaho BI Plugin Available

Posted April 26, 2011 By Alex

Saiku, the cool open source OLAP tool is now available as a plugin for the Pentaho BI Server. The developers need to test the code out – so go grab a copy and spin it up in a test environment. This is a great partial (soon to be full) replacement for the default JPivot in […]

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So I recently had a situation where I needed to run the same transformation over multiple database shards, which turns out to be relatively easy to do with the right mix of transformations and jobs. This post will walk through the steps needed so you can do the same thing. Go ahead and download the […]

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I recently received my pre-ordered copy of Pentaho Solutions:  Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL (linky (amazon.com)) and felt it needed to be the first official BlueFireDS Book Review.  It is the first resource available from a third-party about the excellent BI suite Pentaho (pentaho.com).  If you have not worked with Pentaho […]

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Propel Fans Rejoice!

Posted September 19, 2009 By Alex

So recently I posted about how symfony has made the move to officially support Doctrine as the default ORM in future releases of my favorite PHP framework.  A lot of questions were raised, mainly because even though Propel is still going to be supported by symfony, it looked like Propel was dead in the water […]

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Death of MySQL is Greatly Exaggerated….

Posted April 30, 2009 By Alex

I’m noticing that quite a few folks are posting about how MySQL is going to die a slow and painful death now that Sun has been purchased by Oracle.  As I commented on one site – I have to politely disagree.  The MySQL franchise may very well go away or be rebranded (which I think […]

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Just wanted to make a quick post about some recent work I’ve been doing with the end goal being my first plugin for symfony.  A customer recently requested an event calendar for their site, so I figured what better way to build one that with symfony?  Currently, the calendar has a month view.  I’m working […]

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symfony 1.1 Projects

Posted August 26, 2008 By Alex

So at work I have been developing my symfony skills by rebuilding some of the database systems I’ve worked on in the past (first up:  update the Training Database….).  I know that with symfony 1.2, javascript will be uncoupled from the framework to allow for each developer to work with their favorite javascript framework (jQuery […]

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Magento Update – Backend Fun/Frustration

Posted August 24, 2008 By Alex

Seeing that there’s been interest with Magento, I figured I would write up my experiences since the last time I published about it. First off, Magento does a fairly good job about documenting the basics about the program.  As I found out last time, it will take a bit of digging to get into super-specific […]

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Firefox 3 World Record

Posted July 6, 2008 By Alex

Just wanted to make a quick post saying congrats to the Mozilla team for successfully hitting the world record for the most software downloads in a 24 hour period, as well as making the most kick-ass browsing experience I’ve ever had possible! I’ve been using Firefox 3 since before Download Day (btw – got your […]

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