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Becoming a Data Driven ${Job Name Here}

Posted May 5, 2013 By Alex

Many areas and business functions are asking how to become data driven. While there is some tailoring involved due to the specific focuses of business units and job functions, it boils down to the same principles. Understanding How The Role Fits While all data generated by a business has to move towards an Enterprise Data […]

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Building a Sharded Database Process

Posted March 20, 2012 By Alex

Being able to work with sharded databases are a snap in Pentaho Kettle once you see how to do it! This is a basic walkthrough on how to build a clustered database connection along with a partitioning schema so that queries can be executed across all of a database’s shards.

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Saiku Hits 2.0 GA

Posted June 4, 2011 By Alex

The folks at Analytical Labs have released Saiku 2.0 GA!

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Overview of the May 3rd 2011 North Carolina Pentaho User Group Meeting.

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So I recently had a situation where I needed to run the same transformation over multiple database shards, which turns out to be relatively easy to do with the right mix of transformations and jobs. This post will walk through the steps needed so you can do the same thing. Go ahead and download the […]

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Site Cleanup/Upgrade

Posted April 11, 2009 By Alex

My apologies for being away – things have been rather hectic. Anyway, today marks a new evolution to the site. I’ve cleaned up the site and now have set up the capability to show code, which has been one of the things keeping me from posting. Now that that is set up, I’ll be catching […]

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Fun with Webinars

Posted October 22, 2008 By Alex

So today marked the culimnation of my first webinar production experience.  Over a week of preping off and on for a 45 minute conference (of which my part was about 15 mintues) sure made for a fun time.  I haven’t listened to the recording yet, however I think it went well overall.  Now if only […]

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Magento Update – Backend Fun/Frustration

Posted August 24, 2008 By Alex

Seeing that there’s been interest with Magento, I figured I would write up my experiences since the last time I published about it. First off, Magento does a fairly good job about documenting the basics about the program.  As I found out last time, it will take a bit of digging to get into super-specific […]

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Site Upgrade

Posted June 5, 2008 By Alex

Well, I’m back with a quick update – I’m close to getting ready to finish my site overhaul.  Not been able to work on the site or post in a while – it’s been real busy around here, heh. I’m also planning on getting those tutorials up soon as well.  If only for more hours […]

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Welcome to BlueFire!

Posted April 10, 2008 By Alex

Well, if anyone is reading this allow me to say, welcome! Let me start off by explaining a bit about why I’m blogging here, what BlueFire is about, etc etc. My name is Alex, and I am the founder of BlueFire Data Solutions. There’s still a lot of development going on with the rest of […]

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