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Symfony Making the Move to Doctrine

Posted June 11, 2009 By Alex

Well, as posted yesterday on the symfony blog Doctrine will now be the defacto standard for symfony’s ORM. To be honest, I’m not surprised at all with this move – it makes sense seeing that the Doctrine team are on board at Sensio. Sensio Labs was looking for something that fit with their overall strategy […]

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Death of MySQL is Greatly Exaggerated….

Posted April 30, 2009 By Alex

I’m noticing that quite a few folks are posting about how MySQL is going to die a slow and painful death now that Sun has been purchased by Oracle.  As I commented on one site – I have to politely disagree.  The MySQL franchise may very well go away or be rebranded (which I think […]

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Site Cleanup/Upgrade

Posted April 11, 2009 By Alex

My apologies for being away – things have been rather hectic. Anyway, today marks a new evolution to the site. I’ve cleaned up the site and now have set up the capability to show code, which has been one of the things keeping me from posting. Now that that is set up, I’ll be catching […]

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Fun with Webinars

Posted October 22, 2008 By Alex

So today marked the culimnation of my first webinar production experience.  Over a week of preping off and on for a 45 minute conference (of which my part was about 15 mintues) sure made for a fun time.  I haven’t listened to the recording yet, however I think it went well overall.  Now if only […]

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Dropbox – File syncing without the hassle

Posted October 4, 2008 By Alex

So I’ve been playing around with a few new recommended programs I’ve found through lifehacker (two of my current favorites are RocketDock and Emerge Desktop ), but I hadn’t given Dropbox a shot until this morning, and boy I wish I had of started using it sooner. You see, DropBox is a cross-OS app (it […]

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Just wanted to make a quick post about some recent work I’ve been doing with the end goal being my first plugin for symfony.  A customer recently requested an event calendar for their site, so I figured what better way to build one that with symfony?  Currently, the calendar has a month view.  I’m working […]

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When Adding Plugins To Your Symfony Project……

Posted September 12, 2008 By Alex

Had the roughest time getting this one going – so therefore I’m posting just in case anyone else gets stuck. Today, I started adding user security to the training database I’ve been developing in Symfony 1.1.  One of the great things about a strong framework like Symfony is the ability to create/distribute plugins to increase […]

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symfony 1.1 Projects

Posted August 26, 2008 By Alex

So at work I have been developing my symfony skills by rebuilding some of the database systems I’ve worked on in the past (first up:  update the Training Database….).  I know that with symfony 1.2, javascript will be uncoupled from the framework to allow for each developer to work with their favorite javascript framework (jQuery […]

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Magento Update – Backend Fun/Frustration

Posted August 24, 2008 By Alex

Seeing that there’s been interest with Magento, I figured I would write up my experiences since the last time I published about it. First off, Magento does a fairly good job about documenting the basics about the program.  As I found out last time, it will take a bit of digging to get into super-specific […]

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Symfony PHP Framework

Posted August 5, 2008 By Alex

So I’ve spent the better part of a week and a half/two weeks working on getting up to speed on Symfony, the PHP framework I finally settled down to using.  If you haven’t heard about it, I strongly suggest you check it out.  It’s a very user-friendly framework, with the ability to build on the […]

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